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Braintree, MA

Logistical Warehouse Site Improvements 

BCS provided services to design, permit and construct an 18,000-gallon multi-compartment precast septic system, along with a horizontal precast 8,000-gallon grease trap and an associated dual head 20,000 SF leaching facility. In addition, BCS provided parking lot re-grading and reconstruction along with an associated sub-surface sewerage disposal system, for the facilities 300-car parking lot. This work was coordinated to not create interruption of event services.

Providence, RI

Airport Aviation Parking Lot Construction

Boston, MA

Soil remedition and removal pre-high rise foundation

Boston, MA

Intermodal ​Parking Lot Construction

Wetland Replication and Restoration

Foxboro, MA

Case Studies

BCS provided services to design, permit and construct a 223-car parking lot expansion to service a 500 person call center. The work included mass excavation, sub-surface drainage system, wetland replication, site lighting, paving, curbing and associated landscaping.

Parking Lot Expansion

BCS Construction has provided quality workmanship for over 35 years, some of our past clients include:

Foxboro, MA

Site Development & Related Utilities for 30,000 SF Industrial Complex

Stoughton, MA

40 Lot Residential Subdivision Road & Related Utilities, Municipal Sewer Pump Station

West Roxbury, MA

Sewerage Disposal Tight-Tank With Associated Retention System 

Conference Facility

In accordance with a Massachusetts Department of Environmental Order and under the guise of the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, BCS provided services to remove illegally filled material and restore wetland conditions on a 5-acre site. Services included mass excavation of approximately 10,000 CY of material to be processed. Processing included regulated solid waste, fill and loam to be used for replication.

Hingham, MA

Stoughton, MA

24 Unit Planned Townhouse Condominium Site Work

Lexington, MA

Mansfield, MA

Airport Hanger Paving

Past Projects